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Pentax IR Controller

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Pentax IR Remote Interface
This interface connects to any JR/Futaba/Hitec radio system and will instruct a Pentax camera to take a picture. You can use a spare channel on your remote control - eg Landing Gear.
This type or R/C switch uses the infrared interface on the camera- check which cameras have this interface below. The interface is placed in front of the camera's infrared receiver. Not all Pentax cameras have an infrared control feature, so check before ordering!
This interface can be configured to automatically take a picture on your behalf to prevent the camera from powering down, but this feature is not required for all cameras (check your user manual manual). Trigger positions on the stick/switch/dial that controls the interface can also be configured.
Controls the shutter release following Pentax Cameras:
Optio 330, 430RS, 450, 550, 555, 928M
S, S40, S4, S4i,S5 and S6 Series
A10, EI-200
Espio 35mm range with remote
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