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Web Applications & Custom Software Solutions.

For business in Melbourne & beyond.

Software Development

Specializing in custom software solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies like Azure and .NET. We offer comprehensive services from Websites to Back Ends, APIs, and Integrations.

Cloud Solutions

We leverage the power of cloud computing to make your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Data Services

We do Databases, Spreadsheets, Migrations, Reporting and AI. We can help you to collect, collate and utilise your data.

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Some Recent Projects

Modernise with a database

We were approached by a company that conducts building maintenance. They were struggling to manage suppliers and inventory using spreadsheets and text messages. We shifted the information to a secure database, developed a user interface and integrated with their accounting system. This system paid for itself in less than a year.

A Web Based Document Library

A client required a publicly accessible site to maintain copies of Material Safety Data Sheets. We created a fully managed web application where the latest versions of data sheets were available via QR Code or barcode from any phone.

Equipment maintenance management

A customer was using a problematic, paper-based system to manage a fleet of construction machinery. We devised and implemented a digitization strategy, eliminating the need for paperwork and moving everything online. The service is fully managed on their behalf and maintained for a monthly fee based on usage.

Managed back-end API for an existing Web Site

Our client's website has a booking feature. They use a system based on WordPress; however, some functionality was missing. We developed API calls so that their booking site could retrieve information from their scheduling software. With minimal changes to their existing site, we solved problems such as double bookings and resource management.